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How To Make Butternut Squash Soup

How To Make Avocado Soup

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How To Make a Green Smoothie

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  1. Linda said: On 02/10/2011

    How do I make juice not be so frothy and pulpy?

  2. Jen said: On 02/10/2011

    Hello Linda, you will either need to let it settle for a little while or use a strainer to take the pulp out. Thank you.

  3. stan s. said: On 02/13/2011

    Add a little more water.

  4. Does anyone have the recipe for Montel’s Tomato Soup?

    Patricia {Pat}

  5. What is the drink tha Montel says is his favorite? What are the ingredients?

  6. I have the HealthMaster Pro. How can I use it to grind grains? I haven’t been able to find anything on this.

  7. Jen said: On 03/17/2011

    Hello Tina, to grind grains, insert 2-3 cups of grains at a time. Set the HealthMaster to speed 8. Once you see no more large grains on top, give it another second then turn off the machine. Allow the grains to cool because they may warm up. And that’s all there is to it. I hope this helps you.

  8. Hi Kris ~ do you happen to have a good recipe that consists of all greens? I would like to stay away from sugar and fruits. Do you have a tasty green smoothie drink recipe with no fruit added? I want one with spinich but what else should I add that will taste good and fill me up?

  9. joanna said: On 04/18/2011

    Hello – Does anyone have a recipe for beet soup? Thanks

  10. BettyK said: On 08/04/2011

    has anyone tried wheatgrass?

  11. Awilmaj said: On 11/15/2011

    Hi, do any of these recipes have measurements?

  12. Jennie said: On 11/15/2011

    Anyone know where to get nutrition facts for the recipes in the books u get with the blender?

  13. Does anyone know a recipe for a good tomato soup?

  14. Hi new here i just bought the blender and I am looking for bread recipes although I havnt recived my blender yet its for x-mas

  15. kdiff said: On 11/27/2011

    Anyone try any protein drinks with whey or other ingrediants

  16. Hi all, I just finished watching Clairs vidios and I can’t wait for my machine to get here. I ordered it Nov. 22nd, I guess the season is slowing things up, I can’t wait to start making those great looking soups.

  17. Jane said: On 12/09/2011


    I followed the recipe for the green and good smoothie, but it tasted awful. Does anyone have any other recipes for green smoothies?

    Thanks for your help.

  18. as i also was wanting tasty green recepies for me and my 1 year old any good sites out there ?

  19. jon said: On 01/30/2012

    Do you have a recipe for a real good tomato soup?

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